Solving Win10 (Build 1607) Anniversary Update – Hyper-V Gen2 VM 2016TP5 – boot error

You have Windows 10 with Anniversary Update (Build 1607) – Hyper-V enabled – created a VM with 2016TP5 and your screen looks like this?


There are some information on the net about solving this boot problem but the tricky part on that is – you must do this STEP by STEP (to avoid additional errors on boot…)


  • Stop VM
  • Change your Secure Boot Options to “Microsoft UEFI Certificate Authority” (DO NOT Disable Secure Boot, because it is useless here and you end up in the same error…)
  • Start VM
  • Error again – this is ok here…


  • Stop VM
  • Now you can DISABLE Secure Boot Option (if you try this without STEP1 – you VM does not boot…)

Settings for DCI on BIG Ha rdwa re r Add Hardware Firmvvare Soot from File Security Secure Boot disabled Memory 4096 Ma c] Processor 2 Virtual processors SCSI controller Hard Drive OCI 635AID3g-0D3E411-E... Ne M' Ork Adapter Internal vSnitch Management Security Secure Soot use Secure Soot to help prevent unauthorized code from running at boot tme (recommended). Enable Secure Soot Template: Microsoft IJEFI Certficate Authority Encryption Support Enable Trusted Platform Module A Trusted Platform Module (TM) is a special purpose microprocessor "'hich provides cryptographic services to a compute platform. Encrypt state and virtual machine migraton traffc

  • Start VM

..after changing to UEFI and disable UEFI secure boot you can start your VM with 2016TP5 in normal way…